100 Gallon Fish Tank – Simple Setup Guide And What To Know

100 Gallon Fish Tank

All set for an upgrade? A 100 gallon fish tank may be in your future.
There’s something unique about having a large fish tank, Bear in mind that a 100 gallon fish tank will be much heavier than a 10 gallon, 50 gallon  or even the 55 gallon tank. The glass is thicker due to the fact that it has to be really strong to hold all that water.

Every gallon of water wighs around 9 pounds. Once your new aquarium is filled with water, rock, or gravel will weigh more than 150 pounds!
The floor must have the ability to take care of the weight. Ensure to make use of a matched fish tank stand designed to support the aquarium.

100 Gallon Fish Tank

Are you stepping up in the hobby and you are all set for a new challenge? Or maybe this will be your first fish tank, and you are all set to Go Big right from the start!

Nevertheless, 100 gallon fish tank are not really easy to come across and your regional family pet store might not carry the option that is absolutely best for you. Whether you want to establish a freshwater or salt water tank, a larger aquarium is a huge financial investment and also you need to ensure that you get it right from the beginning!

Benefits of a bigger tank like 100 gallon fish tank

While nano aquariums may appear like their cost of maintenance is lesser than bigger fish tanks, this is not really true. There are a few reasons why bigger tank is practically or constantly much better in the aquarium hobby:

Larger space

Put simply, a bigger aquarium means more space! You could be thinking that a big tank allows for more fish; however much more important than that, more space permits more surface area for beneficial microorganisms to grow.

A bigger fish tank not just provides more area on the sides of the wall surfaces, however, there is additional extra room for decors that germs can grow on. Aquarium devices, like filtration, powerheads, heating units, as well as healthy protein skimmers will also add to the amount of area for microorganisms to establish themselves. The more microorganisms there are, the more that your system will be able to control its very own criteria and control its ecosystem.

More livestock

Obviously, a larger aquarium will certainly permit even more livestock, like fish, invertebrates, corals, and plants. A more large floorplan will certainly permit active fish to swim while additional tank height will certainly allow individual fish to populate their favored section of the water column.

Even more room generally means more space for fish to establish territories. One of the major troubles with small tanks is that a lot of times the enthusiast wants a lot of fish, but also needs to take into consideration that each fish needs its very own area or territories within the tank; mapping out hostility can get rather challenging, particularly in a saltwater system!

While aggression still needs to be kept into consideration, bigger systems can help dilute any kind of prompt issues that would certainly otherwise be really felt in a smaller tank.

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A bigger fish tank does a much better work of imitating a natural environment. Not only can much more germs grow and also more species be shown, however, the container will also take on a life of its own and go on auto-pilot at some points.

In the case of a power failure, 100 gallon fish tank takes longer to cool off and also can make the distinction between losing everything in your container to only shedding a couple of things here and there. Larger tanks likewise don’t experience as extreme adjustments in water specifications as smaller containers do; given that there is a higher water quantity, increases of ammonia or phosphate are extra evenly integrated right into the system and have a smaller result on the whole ecosystem.

Preparing for your brand-new 100 gallon fish tank

100 Gallon Fish Tank

Compare the size of the fish tank to the size of your room. Measure height, width, and depth and make sure it perfectly suits your office or home.
Considering that the tank is larger and also taller than a tiny aquarium, you might need a little step stool so you can reach inside the container for aquascaping and maintenance.

Make sure the container will fit in your room’s style.

What to look for in a 100 gallon fish tank

Many large aquarium systems are created to benefit coral reef fish tanks yet can additionally house freshwater fish. A lot of the technical advancements service any kind of aquarium.
If you’re thinking of keeping a freshwater aquarium, avoid an aquarium that features a protein skimmer or reef lighting.

The 100 gallon fish tank might not be the most affordable, but it’s without a doubt one of the most interesting.

This dimension tank helps you understand all the subtleties of aquascaping and also the art of maintaining bigger fish like Oscars.
Usually, people first start with a relatively moderate tank of around 10 to 20 gallons and after that proceed to even more sophisticated tanks like a 50 gallon tank.

What To Understand about 100 Gallon Fish Tank

The 100 gallon aquarium should not be thought about as a newbie aquarium.
This is generally because of the dimension of the container, but also as a result of the troubles with taking care of the proper types of equipment and also to ensure fish compatibility.

A 100 gallon fish tank generally comes in the normal rectangle-shaped. Some of the more pricey alternatives consist of curved or cubic tanks.
No matter the form, your 100 gallon fish tank will certainly have the ability to host lots of exotic fish and plants as well as fit numerous huge designs.

This quantity provides you the possibility to build either a marine or a freshwater configuration.

If you have never dealt with similar volumes, one of the biggest difficulties that an owner of a 100 gallon fish tank faces is choosing the right equipment.

We will cover them in more detail later, but it deserves mentioning a little bit now. First, constantly check the outcome capability of a filter when purchasing one. The filter will certainly still work even if it’s not powerful enough, however, it will be extremely inefficient.

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Although it may look like having a large container is a lot of work, it may really prove to be considerably simpler than it seems. The problems in such a large tank are a lot less vibrant and water tends to not get dirty quickly.

100 Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions

The basic measurements of a 100 gallon fish tank are 72 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ x 19 3/8 ″ (L x W x H). Nevertheless, in rare situations, dimensions may be different depending on what shape tank you buy.

You could want different dimensions for a variety of reasons: enhance reproduction conditions, make fish feel extra comfy or merely fit more inside. This would typically only impact the height and also the size of the tank.

100 Gallon Fish Tank Equipment

Caring for a large fish tank can be a tough task, but the right devices can make your life a lot easier.
Let’s have a look at the necessary types of equipment that will assist you to keep your container running efficiently.

Heating unit

The temperature is among one of the most fundamental parts of the marine setting.

Lots of animals, not only fish, depend on temperature for survival, and serious temperature level adjustments will certainly affect their health and wellness.

In the aquarium, you must care for the temperature level and guarantee that it remains within the allowed criteria for your fish.
These days you can choose from a variety of heating systems with different automation and power levels. With such a range there should not be any type of issue locating the one that ideal fits your container.


The quantity of oxygen and nutrients is directly connected with good water quality. Your fish depend upon them to stay healthy and balanced and also to grow very well.

In the wild, water quality is managed by a range of chemical and physical procedures but in the fish tank, there is no water current or wind.

You have to help recreate these conditions by utilizing filters. Fortunately, filters have actually become an inseparable component of contemporary fishkeeping. They are widely available and simple to set up, which is specifically what boosted their popularity.

With a large tank such as this, you would require a powerful filter, such as a canister one with a high result. Read our full guide right here.


Never undervalue the significance of light in the water world.
Light helps fish control their day/night cycle, as well as aids plants, get vital nutrients needed for growth.

Natural light can be too much for aquariums, mostly because of extreme algae development. Tanks need an alternative, artificial light.

Your container will be fine with a normal aquarium light (as long as it is powerful enough). Always examine what suppliers have actually indicated as an optimum volume for their lamp before purchasing it.

Other types of equipment

There are also other bits and equipment that you will certainly need. You will definitely need an aquarium stand for such a large tank.

You can additionally get a fish tank pump. This helps to redistribute the water in the tank more effectively. Or you can get an aquarium hood to keep the fish tank safe and secure and regulate lights much better.

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An additional piece of device you can consider is a fish tank vacuum cleaner for substrate cleaning. In addition, you can also get a siphon to help in cleansing the substrate and also swiftly empty the tank.

What Fish Can You Keep in a 100 Gallon Fish Tank?
100 Gallon Fish Tank

A tank of this size allows you to keep lots of fantastic varieties of fish.

With a lot of space, you can experiment with it and also create all kinds of special setups as well as combinations.

Several of the fish you may take into consideration include Oscar fish, Gouramis (consisting of Giant Gouramis), Cichlids (both South African and also South American), Parrotfish, Angelfish, Rainbowfish, some bigger Catfish (consisting of Plecos, Otos, and also Corys), larger Barbs, larger Tetras as well as Danios.

The Cichlids specifically would certainly be a remarkable choice for a neighborhood tank.

You can choose a number of dwarf Cichlid species, such as Discus, Bolivian Ram, and Agassiz’s Dwarf Cichlid. There are numerous various other remarkable Cichlids, consisting of Grouped and also Rainbow Cichlids that you can think about.

With a 100 gallon fish tank, you also have a terrific choice of various saltwater fish, such as famous Surgeonfish (like yellow or blue tangs), Dragonets, Frogfish, several smaller-sized Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Damselfish, Hawkfish, and also Flatterers.

You might likewise attempt to construct a miniature coral reef with varieties that include Fairy and other Coral Reef Wrasses, Squirrelfish as well as Dragonets.

If you wish to opt for non-fish occupants, you can consider larger totally aquatic crabs, Amano and Ghost Cherry Shrimps in addition to larger marine snails, like Assassin Snails. They will certainly expand your fish tank community as well as will certainly make your tank truly unique.

100 Gallon Fish Tank Setup Ideas

There are several different arrangements you can have with a 100 gallon fish tank.

One example is a species-only tank — you could have either a school of smaller-sized fish or a couple of fish from a bigger type.

You can likewise consider making an area arrangement making use of just Cichlids, such as Discus and Blue Acaras.

Alternatively, you may additionally assume filling your tank with colorful Rasboras, like Harlequin or mosquito type. Though they are small, several schools can fill this volume up pretty quickly.

Once you have chosen the fish, you can choose the right plants. You can additionally get some high-quality decors along with driftwood.

You can use rocks to make mini gaps to provide your tank with an individualized touch.

Another terrific setup for this quantity would be a reef tank. This volume uses simply the right quantity of area to create a prospering reef ecosystem at home.

You can consider getting a pair of iconic aquatic fish, such as Clownfish or Angelfish. There is very little need for plants in a reef tank so you could take into consideration getting a pair of decorations instead.

You can go with a community freshwater tank. This type of configuration draws out all the capacity of this volume, giving you an opportunity to blend and match various species and also trying out styles. You can think about getting both small and moderate-sized fish for this set.

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How to Setup a 100 Gallon Fish Tank

However hard it may appear to set up a 100 gallon fish tank, it in fact just takes careful preparation to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You will need to get all the required equipment.

This can be rather pricey but will show to be an excellent investment in the future.

As soon as you have all the types of equipment in position, it’s time to lay down the substrate (do not forget to rinse it first). Depending on your fish and other tank mates, the precise substrate will differ but you will certainly need to spread it out as evenly as possible no matter what.

After that, you can begin setting up the equipment together with plumbing, and after that start to fill up the tank with water.

Depending on the type of configuration you are going with (saltwater or freshwater) you may need to add different chemicals to it. Freshwater tanks will need de-chlorinator and saltwater tanks will certainly need marine salt.

As soon as the tank is full, you can include plants and decorations and afterward turn on your types of equipment. Just like all tanks, you will need to allow the container to cycle for a minimum of 6 weeks.

This enables the nitrogen cycle to grow itself, ensuring your fish are not exposed to hazardous chemicals such as ammonia and nitrites.

100 Gallon Fish Tank Maintenance

With a big fish tank similar to this, you will certainly need to hang around making sure that all your devices are functioning effectively.

You will likewise need to clean up the 100 gallon fish tank every two weeks.
Cleaning such a big container can be quite a daunting job but the good news is there are great deals of devices to help you. It’s worth investing in a specialized vacuum for it if you are using gravel as your primary substrate.

It will certainly save you time and cash.

Making frequent water changes is very important as well. Keeping the water quality high is crucial to keeping your fish healthy and balanced. In clean water, it would be much harder for contaminants to spread.

Aim to accomplish a 20 to 30% water change every 2 weeks while you clean the crushed rock and also wipe the algae off the glass sides as well.

With the help of just several devices, in addition to a constant water change regimen, you will have no trouble caring for a 100 gallon fish tank.

Summary on 100 gallon fish tank

A 100 gallon fish tank is a fantastic option for experienced aquarists that want to try something brand-new.

Much like any kind of other tanks, a 100 gallon fish tank can host a huge selection of tropical marine and freshwater fish, allowing you to keep a few of one of the most beautiful types in the world.

Getting the best equipment must not be a problem, with many versions readily offered at your regional store.