30 Gallon Fish Tank – Everything You Need To Know

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A 30 gallon fish tank is an aquarium that can perfectly fit your living-room and also create a centerpiece at the very same time.

The size is just right for most of the fish enthusiasts — it offers enough space for great deals of gorgeous fish and lets you gain lots of experiences along the way.

It doesn’t take too much space in your room, yet it still manages to become a fantastic house for the same fish you would see in bigger expert tanks. You can keep vibrant Cichlids in addition to lots of other terrific types.

What You Must Know About the 30 Gallon Fish Tank

30 Gallon Fish Tank

The 30 gallon fish tank is a great alternative to a large aquarium.

Fish tanks of this volume permit an excellent combination of plants and species. They can hold many different fishes and likewise various reptiles too – and also it can be used as a paludarium.

For completely water animals, shrimps, fish, snails, and crabs can all live there peacefully without any territorial fighting behavior.

Also, its dimensions and size are ideal for novice aquarists graduating to a larger tank.

With the ideal fish tank devices, your job of taking care of the tank will be reduced. Nearly all widely known brand names offer an extensive array of tools to assist you to keep the fish tank running.

There are several builds to pick from, it is possible you see some 30 gallon fish tank that integrates wooden parts in their assembly or others with an intriguing metal hood slider.

These 30 gallon fish tank is made to fit every customer and lots of models have actually been made to do just that by interesting every budget plan. Either want a cheaper one or you want to invest a little more, you will be able to find a tank that fits you perfectly.

Apart from an ordinary 30 gallon fish tank, there are also some different specialized versions that include breeding, even wide and high tanks.

The only difference between them is the sizes and the purpose of each tank.

30 Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions

30 Gallon Fish Tank

A basic 30 gallon fish tank will generally measure 36 1/4 ″ x 12 5/8 ″ x 16 3/4 ″ (L x W x H).

The difference discussed before would have either a different height or a different length, the width generally be the same.

30 Gallon fish tank Devices

There is absolutely nothing more crucial than choosing the best devices for your aquarium. These tools offer sufficient nutrients, develop cycling and keep the temperature level at the desired level — they are the foundation for all the life in your tank.

7 Different Types Of Fish Tanks You Should Know

Without well-functioning and quality equipment, the possibilities of you having a prospering fish tanks are slim.

Heating unit

The temperature of water in nature is regulated by a combination of some aspects which include cooling, direct insolation, and mixing. Nevertheless, in your fish tank, it will be totally up to you to manually recreate this efficient system.

A 30 gallon fish tank doesn’t need an incredibly effective heater. A medium-powered one will perfectly work with no issues, but there are some additional functions that are worth thinking of.

You may get an automated or adjustable heating unit which comes in handy when keeping types that require a somewhat different temperature regime.


Water is continuously being blended by a range of physical procedures including tides and winds in the wild. But in a closed system (like your 30 gallon fish tank), filtration helps keep the water oxygenated and filled with nutrients – this is extremely crucial for all marine animals.

Filters are essential for all fish tanks – not just do they help to keep a dynamic environment in the tank, they however help to redistribute nutrients across the water column.

Any sort of filter (external, internal, or substrate) can be used, so far it can pump adequate water. There are particular ones that are extremely crucial and you need to keep them in mind when selecting a filter. It is typically represented by the volume of water pumped over a time period (e.g. gallons per hour)


Again, light is an important aspect for all water animals. Lighting not just affects the fish’s health in a variety of ways but can also determine the way fish behaves.

And fish is not the only one that relies on lighting but aquatic plants too. Just like terrestrial plants, water plants also need sunshine for growth and development.

An aquarium light will need to be used in order to recreate this in your home.

They will make all the distinctions in your setup because they do not use up a great deal of area.

The light likewise indicates you can place the fish tank even farther from the window to avoid excessive algae development, making upkeep a lot easier.

Other equipment to consider

Apart from the essential pieces of equipment mentioned above, there are still some others you can consider

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For example, a fish tank stand can be used to offer the fish tank increased stability and make the tank more presentable overall.

Depending on the type of animals you are keeping, you may think about getting either an aquarium hood or an easy lid. This will keep your fish inside the tank and will assist you to control the tank temperature.

You can also get yourself a gravel vacuum to make cleaning the substrate simpler and more efficient. Another helpful tool is an aquarium pump that helps blend up the water in the tank and improves the efficiency of your filter.

30 Gallon Fish Tank Setup Ideas

One of the best kinds of tanks you can choose is a community fish tank – this setup permits you to develop a community of plants, fine fishes, and beautiful decors.

For this size tank, you would need to pay attention to the compatibility of different species in the community in order to avoid any aggressive behavior. Because of that fish in community tanks are serene and typically little, although you can keep semi-aggressive fish as long as their tank mates have a similar character.

An example of fish for a community tank includes 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Pearl Gourami, and 6 Cherry Barbs.

Another perfect choice would be setting up a type–only tank with a couple of schooling fish or just a set of large lovely fish. With a types-only tank, you do not need to be stressed over compatibility.

In a types-only tank, you can experiment with rocks, decors, and driftwood by developing unique installations or recreating natural landscapes.

Another terrific choice for a types-only tank is Scarlet Badis fish – these fishes have remarkable characters and will also help bring some color to your tank.

Another excellent setup option for a 30 gallon fish tank is a paludarium. This is a half terrarium, a half-fish tank that integrates both water and terrestrial plants/animals.

The main focus in the paludarium would be on the plants but you can arrange it in such a way that you would have practically a pond with a terrestrial slope going up out of the water. You can either make some more areas for fish or get an amphibian and take pleasure in the distinct appearance of your tank that way.

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What Fishes Can You Breed in a 30 Gallon Fish Tank?

A 30 gallon fish tank is a fantastic option when it comes to choosing which volume is the best for a living room tank (it’s not too large nor is it too little). This size gives you a lot of liberty when deciding which setup to use and what fish to get.

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A few of the fishes you might think of are:

Other non-fish tank mates you can add are crabs, shrimps, and even snails. You can focus totally on invertebrates if you are feeling tired of fish, and that is what is even better. Invertebrates are exciting pets that will become a revitalizing addition to your tank.

Fish can be kept along with many beautiful plants so as to add different decorations into the mix.

How to Setup a 30 gallon fish tank

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Setting up a 30 gallon fish tank is as easy as setting up any other tank. The major difference here is how you put decorations and design the interior.

Prior to actually doing anything, check your list and ensure that all the equipment appropriates to use in a 30 gallon fish tank matches with the requirements of your fish too. As soon as that is out of the way, pick an excellent place for the tank (preferably somewhere away from the window).

The very first thing you need to do is lay the substrate. Rinse it ahead of time and ensure that there are no sharp or damaged bits to prevent your fish from getting hurt.

Place them first and simply cover their base up with gravel or sand if you have any plants that you need to attach to the substrate.

After the substrate and plants are in place, set up all the designs, rocks, and driftwood. Ensure to maintain a good ratio between free space and the number of decorations.

When that is done go ahead and set up the equipment, then you can start filling up the tank with water. You might also need to add some water chemicals (water purifiers, salt, etc.) depending upon the type of setup you are producing.

After that, turn the devices on and leave the tank to cycle for around 4 to 6 weeks. If you monitor the criteria, you will see the ammonia and nitrite levels peaking and then being up to absolutely zero, as soon as they are at zero, the tank is safe to include fish.

Never ever take the fish out of the water they came in and drop them directly into the tank, this will stress them.

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Instead, float the bag they came in, in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then add a cup of water every five minutes up until the bag is complete.

30 Gallon Fish Tank Maintenance

A 30 gallon fish tank is a small amount of water that does not need too much maintenance. It requires weekly cleansing, water renewals, and a quick check that all the equipment is in working order. This is all quite standard and no matter your previous experience, you should not have any difficulty with it.

The most important thing to keep your tank in order is to have a solid cleansing regimen. Cleaning your tank frequently will not only avoid clogging and water pollution but will likewise make sure that your devices last longer.

You can use a double-sided magnetic sponge exactly for that. It is a terrific, convenient, and compact tool to look after your aquarium.

Likewise, make sure to often restore the water in the aquarium as it will substantially improve the quality of life and also stop it from ending up being contaminated. To do this, alter change 20% of the water once per week or every 2 weeks.

Equipment maintenance is also a substantial part of caring for your tank. When necessary, make sure you clean up your filter weekly to avoid clogging and replace the media.

Conclusion on 30 gallon fish tank

A 30 gallon fish tank is an intermediate tank that gives you a little more space to experiment.

Have you considered aquascaping? This is an excellent opportunity for newbies to expand their knowledge and get brand-new experience.

This aquarium does not use up a lot of space in your room, but leaves you with a lot of room for exploration, allowing you to experiment with different setups. Integrated with gorgeous fish and skillful style, a 30 gallon fish tank will show to be a wonderful financial investment.

If you are looking for a brand-new tank to purchase, this might be simply what you are trying to find!