50 Gallon Fish Tank – Care, Stocking, And Perfect Fish Species

50 Gallon Fish Tank

A 50 gallon fish tank is unique and an extremely flexible fish tank – the tank gives adequate area for a large number of fish in addition to numerous larger plant types.

It’s a really versatile option, permitting you to try out numerous kinds of setups. You can think about a types-only fish tank, community fish tank, or perhaps a paludarium

Whether you constantly desired a huge gorgeous fish tank or just believe that a small fish tank would limit your imagination, a 50 gallon fish tank is a terrific option that will give you a lot of alternatives.

This size offers you a lot of versatility and flexibility to keep various kinds of fish. From freshwater fish tanks to paludariums – this one can do everything.

50 Gallon Fish Tank

Or perhaps you wish to keep a reef fish tank, no issue. There is a lot of areas to replicate the ocean waters in this fish tank.

A rectangle is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about the shape of the 50 gallon fish tanks. Now you can find circular fish tanks, square fish tanks, or even one with a gradient!

What must be remembered is that you will need to dedicate time once in a while to clean and maintain the fish tank.

To make this much easier there are different tools available, beginning with regular pumps to aid with draining to magnetic sponges to make cleansing much easier. You can think about ish species that will assist you with this job, like Plecos or Corydoras.

These fish tanks are quickly discovered and are popular with both newbies and experienced fish tank enthusiasts.

The cost will depend upon your option of supplier and where you live, as shipping can bump up the price. Typically, you will be envisaging around $200+, although this is usually the cost for the bottom-tier fish tanks.

50 gallon fish tank dimensions

The measurements of a 50 gallon fish tank (W x L x H) must preferably amount to 11550 inches cubed. Generally, it would be 36″ in length, 18″ in width, and 19″ in height.

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The length here plays a vital role, as it would be the main element determining the setup of your fish tank and also what types of fish you will have the ability to keep, the longer, the much better.

50 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

Fish tank stands are used to support and stabilize big fish tanks and to also keep and arrange devices – numerous stands have a plumbing compartment right beneath and they can be found in all sizes and shapes.

Eventually, everything boils down to where your fish tank is going to be showcased. A wood stand will most likely look the best if that is your home or apartment.

50 Gallon Fish Tank Lid

The hood or lid for a 50 gallon fish tank is another convenient addition. When you have really active fish, it ends up being even more useful.
If you do not have a hood, fish can wind up outside the fish tank, quickly jumping out of the water and over the wall.

Choosing which one you require is crucial to developing a well-rounded fish tank. As excellent lighting is typically required, selecting the best hood ends up being a lot more essential.

50 Gallon Fish Tank Stocking Ideas

50 Gallon Fish Tank

You can experiment a lot with 50 gallon fish tank size – it will be a fantastic option for a community, species-only, reef fish tank, paludarium or a basic saltwater fish tank.

The size of this fish tank enables you to keep a great variety of various fish. You can even keep some other non-fish occupants, such as shrimps, snails or crabs.

All of this offers you an amazing quantity of flexibility!

50 gallon fish tank is a lot of space for most of e fish species. Whatever fish you desire, chances are they will work with a fish tank this size. Let’s take a look at the perfect fish for a fish tank like this before talking about setup choices.

Stocking ideas

You can keep an entire variety of stunning Cichlids, consisting of African, Dwarf, and Malawi. For the majority of Cichlids, a 50 gallon fish tank is going to be okay.

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Cichlids are a few of the most gorgeous fish, for instance, Peacock Cichlids.

Think about another big group – Gouramis if you are not huge on Cichlids. They provide the exact same quantity of color and life, simply without the aggressiveness.

Typically you will have the ability to keep around 20 Gouramis in this fish tank.

Have a look at Paradise Fish, Pearl Gourami, Snakeskin Gouramis or Red-backed Paradise. The very best part about keeping little fish in a bigger fish tank is that you can fit a lot more in the tank.

You can also go back to the roots and get yourself a couple of goldfish. To keep it fresh, try a set of Orandas.

Keep in mind that you can constantly go marine. There are many attractive saltwater fish that will fit perfectly into your fish tank. The renowned Blue Tang or one of the most vibrant and fascinating fish on the planet, Mandarinfish, will be excellent in a 50 gallon fish tank set up.

Now that you understand your stocking options, let’s discuss setup options.

Community tank

Among the most popular options (particularly for a larger fish tank like this) is a community fish tank.

Community fish tanks generally include numerous various types, that quietly swim together with each other and a number of plants.

The majority of the fish that we have actually pointed out above will be more than appropriate for this sort of setup.

You will initially need to choose whether you want a freshwater or a marine fish tank. The plant option will likewise depend upon that.

Species only tank

Another excellent setup concept is a species-only tank. This is normally done when you have especially big fish that you wish to keep or if you are simply obsessed with one species.

Usually, this is going to be fish like Angelfish, Oscar fish, or other Astronotus fish.

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It can be aggressive fish that do not truly get along well with each other, such as Bettas or Barbs. You can check out the excellent range of other fish readily available and choose on your own – simply keep in mind to ensure that you have adequate area.

Paludarium tank

Lastly is the Paludarium setup. This is a 50/50 and includes both terrestrial and water plants along with animals. It can likewise be house to a series of both freshwater and brackish fish.

It is totally left to you to choose how you wish to set up your 50 gallon fish tank, what animals to get and what plants to put inside your 50 gallon fish tank. Without a doubt, the most significant benefit of this setup is the variety of life that you can include – fish, turtles, snails, reptiles, and even little crustaceans!

Simply remember you need to not focus excessively on any part in specific – keep it different and modest.

Although you will just have a number of people species-wise, combined, all of the animals together will bring a lot of variety into your 50 gallon fish tank will need to decide on the setup and whether your fish tank will be saltwater or freshwater.

This is vital due to the fact that some of the devices needed will be somewhat different. And obviously, for a marine fish tank, you will need to get a suitable quantity of salt.

Make sure you clean it correctly when you get to the fish tank. Fish tanks that originate from shops might appear sterilized, however, they might not be.

After cleaning up the fish tank it’s time to set it up.
50 Gallon Fish Tank

You will need to find an ideal location for it. These fish tanks are heavy to move when they are empty, not to mention when filled with water! Make sure it’s level and is positioned away from direct sunshine and any heat sources.

After you have placed the fish tank where you want it to be, it’s time to include the substrate.

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Depending upon the substrate, use a cover for the base or leave it exposed.

Now, just include the substrate and spread it equally, so it covers the bottom of your fish tank.

Now that the substrate is done, let’s discuss other fundamentals.

When it pertains to choosing the devices, ensure you examine the water requirements of your fish, plants in addition to any other fish tank occupants.

Generally, an effective internal or external filter with a quality filtering medium and excellent light is required.

In addition to the devices, you must likewise think about getting some supplements to preserve water chemistry. In bigger fish tanks like this, relying just on a filter may not suffice.

Supplements that support steady water chemistry can consist of anything from anti-algae to nutrients.

Now we get to the most enjoyable part, which is including your fish.

Ensure that water conditions (temperature level, chemistry, nutrients, substrate, furnishing, lighting) in the fish tank are safe and steady prior to including them.

To prevent worrying your fish, do not take the fish out of their initial product packaging immediately. Leave them in their bag and every 10 minutes or so, gradually include fish tank water till the bag is full.

You can then launch the fish into the water.

Summary on 50 gallon fish tank

A 50 gallon fish tank is a perfect option no matter your previous experience. It can support a wide variety of setups, so there is no requirement to fret about limiting yourself.

Whether its a species only or a community tank, you will have the ability to effectively organize all that in this fish tank. The only thing that may trigger some hassle is cleaning up, particularly if you keep extremely demanding or big fish.

That must not frighten you away however, with the ideal devices this will take almost as much time as cleaning up a 5 gallon fish tank.