700 Gallon Fish Tank – Is It Worth It?

700 Gallon Fish Tank

Last updated on August 17th, 2022 at 04:46 pm

The 700 gallon fish tank is very popular for just 2 reasons, interior designers say. One is that high end nightclubs, restaurants and boutique hotels have been installing them, which offers property owners the me-too idea. Another reason is that, amongst individuals of means, an amazing aquarium is among the last surefire methods to impress their peers.

700 Gallon Fish Tank

Many people who keep fish have one tank or two; maybe they begin with a 10 gallon design and graduate to the 35 or 50 gallon fish tank version that medical professionals put in waiting rooms to keep clients calm.

For a particular section of the population many of whom never ever considered keeping fish before they had a huge area to decorate a masterpiece fish tank, has ended up being an essential piece of décor.

Christopher Stevens, a Manhattan interior designer, said he has actually worked a number of giant aquarium into domestic projects at the demand of customers. “They have a collection of cars, of motorbikes, of art, they have 3 pets,” Mr. Stevens said. “It’s like, ‘What else, what’s the next thing to wow my friends?’

It doesn’t appear like the kind of thing you would see in high-end interior style, but that is being reevaluated.”
He sees it as a way to include motion and fluidity to what may otherwise be a dry area. “One of my obstacles in doing more modern-day homes these days is just sort of to soften things,” he stated.

“How do you humanize this area, how do you introduce natural elements? How do you make it seem like you’re not standing in a white, beautiful, soul-less box?”

However, all of that movement and fluidity comes at a price. Generally, owners of fantasy aquarium describe them universally in the exact same breath as very expensive and extremely peaceful. Aquariums like the Wilzigs’ tend to cost a minimum of $50,000, plus a minimum of $1,000 a month for upkeep. And that’s before purchasing a single fish.

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Seaworthy: 700 Gallon Fish Tank For Marine

700 Gallon Fish Tank

When cruising the ocean blues on a 270 foot (82m) mega luxury yacht with over 13,000 square feet (1,250 m ²) of living space, a 23′ long (7m) infinity pool, and helipad, what more could you possibly desire? A huge aquarium, of course! Living Color engineers and installs a 700 gallon fish tank (2,650 liters) for Oceanco’s Alfa Nero.

Most 700 gallon fish tank tend to be even much better quality as they have to put so much effort and time into their production. All of the bigger tanks can be made with either acrylic or glass.

To clean the tank, you need to dive into it, using a cord around your ankle that your partner could use to pull you out if there is the requirement for that. “I would essentially sort of crawl through the fish tank and back myself out once again,” Mr. Collier said.

Outside the world of customized style, one of the more captivating ready-made fish tank is the Spacearium, a flat, elliptical tank that is suspended from the ceiling. The Spacearium comes in 3 sizes from five to eight feet long and the fish that reside in it can be no greater than 4 inches long because the tank’s optimum width is either 12 or 14 inches.

The Spacearium can weigh approximately 800 pounds, and all the filters and other hardware are hidden from view.

How big is a 700 gallon fish tank?

700 Gallon Fish Tank

It’s taking a long time to get the 700 gallon fish tank going, however, that has turned out to be a really stunning system. It’s a little bit more than that but right around 700 made by Custom-made Aquariums. The 700 gallon fish tank is 10 feet long, by 3 feet front to back, three feet high, so extremely, huge system.