75 Gallon Tank – Everything You Must Know

75 Gallon Tank

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A 75 gallon tank is an excellent tank size for both beginners and skilled aquarists; there are many things you can do with it.

Due to its size, you are very free to choose from hundreds of fish, both marine and freshwater, in addition to plants and other creatures (like invertebrates).

With so many options, you will struggle to choose your mind. Your house will be cheered up by many activities and colors.

75 Gallon Tank: What must be known

75 Gallon Tank

As one of the bigger home fish tanks, a 75 gallon tank gives you more freedom in choosing what you wish to do. You can either make a marine, tropical or even cold water setup – you have many alternatives like you do with a 10 gallon tank.

Your fish will have more spaces in the 75 gallon tank, and this will keep them healthier and allow them to display more vibrant colors.

Individuals typically choose smaller tanks since they appear less complicated, but larger tanks are much easier to maintain. The more water you have in your tank, the more steady the conditions of water will be.

This makes the 75 gallon tank excellent for both novices and more knowledgeable fish keepers.

Costs can differ depending on the type of tank. Larger tanks are more costly than smaller-sized tanks. Also, you may need to buy particular components (such as a filter and heating unit) individually because huge tanks are less frequently offered as part of a package.

Those who give these tanks an opportunity can keep larger fish and give territorial types the space they require. This tank will take up more room space in your house, however, it is a great centerpiece for any space taken.

75 gallon tank Dimensions

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The common size of a 75 gallon tank is 48″ x 18″ x 24″. This can differ slightly from tank to tank.

It is normal for a tank of this size to weigh a lot more than smaller sized tanks, particularly when filled. Your tank will be around 140 lbs when empty and 850 lbs when filled. When the fish and decorations are added, this weight will increase further.

When your 75 gallon tank is filled, you will need a tank stand that can perfectly bear its weight and size.

75 gallon tank Devices

The devices needed for a tank can differ from one to another. You must decide which fish you wish to keep before purchasing your equipment to be sure they are all compatible.

Here are a couple of typical elements that are needed for a 75 gallon fish tank:


Every tank must have a filter; it is perhaps the most vital part of any setup.

They have so much importance. One is to remove debris from the water, and the other is to prevent the buildup of toxic substances.

Since oxygen is required in the water so that your fish can perfectly breathe, a filter helps to aerate the water. Some tanks will come with a filter, however, most of the time you will need to purchase one yourself. The filter’s packaging will show which size tank the filter is good for.

In order to keep it operating efficiently after some time, you may need to change the filter’s internal media, to keep.

Heating unit

Heating systems are used in most tanks, but they aren’t so important for all of them. It solely depends upon the kind of fish you are planning to keep.

Because these types of fish live in warmer regions, tropical and marine setups need a heater. Some fish are used to cold water though and don’t require a heating system, a good example is the goldfish.

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There’s a larger range of tropical and marine fish, so these are the most popular tanks.

Like the filter, you also need a heating unit of the best size that is effective enough to heat all the water in the tank. A 300W heating unit is perfect for a tank of this size.


Most tanks will include a set of lights, usually as part of the hood. However, some fish (or plants) may require these replaced for brighter lights. This is a fine example of why you should know which fish you want before purchasing the equip[ments.

Bulbs come in different colors and intensities which can affect the life of fishes in your tank. Brilliant light can stress some fish out while triggering algae and plants to grow quicker.

Aquarium Stand

When buying a brand-new tank, you normally get the choice of buying a tank stand with it. The stand would have been specifically designed for the tank and will be able to support its size and weight.

A surface you have at home can also be used, like a sturdy cabinet. If you choose this option, the surface needs to be larger than the size of your tank.

You will likewise need to check that it can support the weight of a filled tank too.

Tank Lid

Tanks are typically sold with lids. These are necessary due to the fact that they keep some things in, and some other things out of the tank.

Some fish dive and will get away from the tank without a tight-fitting lid. A lid will likewise stop things that might pollute the water from falling into the tank.

With time, the water level of your tank will decrease through evaporation. A hood will slow this procedure down.

Other devices needed for the 75 gallon tank

75 Gallon Tank

  1. An air pump is needed for the 75 gallon tank to help circulate water and oxygenate the water. This is especially beneficial in tanks without plants since they release a lot of oxygen.
  2. A thermometer will also be needed to be sure the water is at the best temperature level. Position it at the opposite end of the tank to the heating unit for the most precise readings.
  3. You will need some devices for cleaning up the tank, such as a fishnet, algae magnets, and gravel vacuums. Fish tank cleaning is important for maintaining a healthy environment.
  4. The bottom of the tank needs to be covered in a layer of substrate. You can buy different grain sizes, including gravels and sands.
  5. You can pick some decorations. These could be natural-looking features like bogwood and rocks, or enjoyable themed objects from fish shops. Select decors around the requirements of your fish, many like crevices and caves.

If a marine tank is what you are starting with, you will need a couple of additional things. Live rock is an essential addition as it can present some additional food for your fish. Salt will also be required to increase the water salinity.

Fish For 75 Gallon Tank

75 gallon tank can hold tropical, cold water, or marine fish. There are numerous to pick from, that it is challenging to select which one you wish to keep at home.

You can choose some favorites based upon their appearances and habits, however, you need to investigate them. This includes monitoring that they all have comparable water preferences, which they won’t fight (or consume) each other.

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Some other things to look out for in the fish for your 75 gallon tank are how big they will grow and the number you can keep.

There are fewer choices for cold water tanks. Goldfish (and their fancy ranges) are the most popular, however, others include Weather Loaches and Zebra Danios.

There are lots of exotic fish; here are a few popular ones for 75 gallon tank:

  • Zebra Danio: They are not just restricted to cold-water, they delight in warmer temperatures too. These are hardy and small types that are fantastic for beginners.
  • Marble Hatchetfish: These small fish spend most of their time at the surface, so a tight-fitting lid is a must!
  • Silver Dollars: This glossy type is round and flat, resembling an old silver dollar.
  • Oscar: An aggressive cichlid that does not play well with others. It remains popular through its personality and the orange splotches across its body.
  • Bettas: Another types known for hostility. Their streaming fins are a spectacle.

There are lots of marine species too such as:.

You can start designing the tank to meet their needs once you have chosen the fish you want.

You may decide that you want some invertebrates (like shrimp and snails). These include a different dynamic, however make sure that they can be securely kept with the fish you desire. The same also goes for plants.

75 Gallon tank Setup Ideas

Since a tank of this size can be used in a lot of ways, this makes it difficult to decide how you will likely use yours.

Here are simply a few possibilities:.

As A Community Tank

The first option is to mix a variety of species together. You get to select a few of your favorite fish and reveal lots of various characters.

Because you need to make sure all your fish will be compatible, a community tank take some planning. They all require to have comparable water preferences and there can’t be a threat of one eating the other.

Some individuals develop a biotope tank. This is one that resembles waters from a specific area, so all the fish would occur naturally together in the wild.

You can make use of all the areas in the tank, choosing fish that like different levels of the tank.

The possibilities are unlimited when picking tank mates for a community tank. A serene tropical example might include a set of Angelfish, some Marbled Hatchetfish in the upper levels, a group of Zebra Danios in the mid-levels, and some Kuhli Loaches for the lower levels.

Species-only Tank

Another choice is to keep a types-only tank. This may seem like a less fascinating design, but a group of one type can be a striking sight.

The focus stays on the one species, drawing out their behaviors and colors. You will soon discover what makes these fish special as you see them communicate with each other and their environment.

The fishes will all have the same requirements or needs if all of them are the same. This indicates that you can set the parameters of the tank to meet their ideal choices without having to consider what other species require.

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An example of a vividly colored species-only tank is to have 4 or 5 Electric Blue Acaras.

Other Alternatives for the 75 gallon tank

Fish aren’t the only animals that you can keep in a tank. Crabs are another popular option for people that want more unique inhabitants. Turtles, shrimp and snails work too.

You can also design a tank around plants. Usually you would pair them up with some fish, but you can make a paludarium instead. This lets you fill the aquarium with a dense selection of plants, mixing species, shapes and sizes.

You could also use your 75 gallon tank as a breeding or quarantine tank. Because the fish take up less space, these would normally be smaller tanks though.

How to Set Up Your 75 Gallon tank

When it comes to big aquariums there are several things to understand, but fortunately, as soon as you have finished with the setup, and purchasing all of the accessories, the upkeep is relatively simple.

The really first point you require to do is to tidy up everything. A new tank may be messy so utilize a cloth to get rid of all the dirt. A used tank requires to be cleaned up with white vinegar and hot water.

The next thing is to rinse the substrate; you will certainly see lots of excellent particles turn the water cloudy. Keep washing till the water turns clear

75 gallon aquarium - 75 gallon tank

Give anything else that will certainly participate in the tank a quick rinse as well.

Then you need to pick a place for your tank. You need to be 100% sure considering that when the tank is loaded it’s so hefty, that makes it almost difficult to relocate.

Add a layer of substratum to the bottom of the tank (about 1-2 inches thick). Put all your tools in position, but don’t turn them on. You can now load your tank with water.

Do not fill it all the way, leave some space for the water level to rise when the fish, as well as decorations, are added.

Note: Faucet water contains lots of chlorine which is hazardous to fish, include some dechlorinator right into the tank to remove it. The amount you need will certainly be pointed out on the side of the bottle.

A brand-new tank ought to be cycled prior to you adding your fish. This process allows a bacterial population to grow and can use up to 6 weeks. The tank will certainly cycle itself, so you just need a water testing kit to analyze that it has in fact ended up. Check ammonia, nitrite and also nitrate levels weekly.

At around 2 weeks, nitrite levels will certainly rise, before decreasing once again. When ammonia and nitrite levels are 0ppm, the cycle has in fact ended.
You can then add fish to your tank.

Quick recap on setting up your 75 gallon tank

  • Your 75 gallon tank (not a package yet a real, physical tank) that includes a light as well as a hood, or else you’ll need to do the complex configuration and matching on your own.
  • A purification system that is a minimum of 350 GPH (gallons per hour) and also enables the growth of that helpful bacteria we went over previously.
  • A heater that is made out of virtually anything but glass and has 300w of power. Additionally, a vital note for changing the water. Turn off the heating system or you’ll probably crack the glass.
  • A strong stand that will hold your 75 gallon tank, the water, and various other tools that entails your aquarium. That means that you’re most likely to need something that holds a minimum of 500 pounds and ideally tested for larger.
  • Gravel – opt for a neutral color as opposed to warm pink or neon green. Your fish will certainly value it. It is also called “substrate” if you want to seem like you understand what you’re saying at the pet shop.
  • A thermometer like the ones that drift in the water or stick to the side and have a red compound inside to inform you the temperature. Don’t get stylish as a result of the truth that simplest is best here.
  • An air pump that is battery-operated or has a battery back-up (in case there is a power failure.) You’ll likewise need tubing as well as an air stone.
  • A dechlorination solution is crucial because the water from your sink is chlorinated for you to consume, nevertheless, your fish need it to be free of chlorine and various other chemicals.
  • A chemical examination kit. You will; need to test few things, some greater than others: ammonia levels, nitrate, and nitrite degrees, water solidity and pH e.t.c.
  • Live plants (unless you are planning to get fish that consume plants) that are particularly produced for use in a fish tank. You’ll understand why after you take a look at the following area.
  • You’re most likely to need cleansing tools. At the minimum, you are going to need a scrubbing tool that you can get far into the tank with.
  • Decors are optional for your 75 gallon tank, however, can be superb for fish to ensure that they do not get bored. Do not overdo it or crowd the tank as well, this is because your fish will certainly not value that.
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Conclusion on the 75 gallon tank

Each aquarium has its own advantages and drawbacks; the best one for you depends on your situation. If you have space, and the money, then a 75 gallon tank is a fantastic choice.
75 gallon tank can hold some larger fish that could not fit in a 20 gallon aquarium or a 55 gallon fish tank. This means there is a lot more you can do with it.

It is simply as straightforward to develop as a smaller tank, nevertheless, it is actually less complicated to keep the water requirements because of the larger body of water.

Picking the right tank is a big option. Selecting a 75 gallon tank implies that you have the space to keep your ideal tank.

What would you keep in a 75 gallon tank? Let us know in the comment section below.