Glowlight Tetras: Amazing Fish Species Profile

glowlight tetras

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Glowlight Tetras, also known as Hemigrammus erythrozonus, are amazing freshwater fish for any hobbyist. Hemigrammus erythrozonus is a species of tetra that has the most beautiful glow to its scales when it’s in bright light, this is why they are called Glowlight Tetras. These fish are small and grow to only about 3 inches, making them perfect for any size tank! They come in many different colors, but you’ll mostly find them with reds and blues mixed together on their body.

They are a type of freshwater fish that is quickly gaining popularity in the aquarium hobby. Hemigrammus erythrozonus, or Hemi for short, is one of over 120 species of Hemigrammus fish native to the Amazon basin and Orinoco River system in South America. They can be found throughout much of Brazil and Colombia, including many major rivers such as Rio Negro and Rio Branco.

Glowlight Tetras are very popular because of their vibrant colors! They have a bright red stripe on the dorsal fin as well as silvery scales with orange streaks along either side of their bodies. Sometimes these stripes will fade when the fish is stressed or sick, but they should return to normal once the fish is happy again.

Glowlight Tetras are peaceful and fun additions to any home aquarium! They will add a splash of color and movement to your tank, while not requiring very much attention at all!

What are glowlight tetras?

glowlight tetras

Glowlight Tetras are small freshwater fish that grow up to about two inches long! They have a metallic body coloration which can appear light brownish grey, dark green, or light blue depending on the individual fish.

Glowlight Tetras have a black line that runs from their nose to almost halfway down their body, which gives them an elongated look! This black stripe is surrounded by translucent scales which give it its glow in slowly moving water where there are low levels of lighting. They also have a small, dark spot on the base of their tail and slightly larger spots lower down on its body.

Glowlight Tetras are one of the most popular fish species due to how peaceful they can be with other freshwater tropical fish! They’re able to get along well with shoaling tetra species like neon or cardinal tetras.

Glowlight Tetras are also compatible with larger fish species like Silver Dollars or Angelfish, but they should never be kept in a tank that has aggressive species of freshwater tropical fish. They’re always at the top and middle levels of your aquarium as well as hiding places such as rock caves and driftwood!

Origin and descriptions

Glowlight tetras are a type of freshwater fish that originated in the Amazon River Basin. They to about two to four inches long, and they have an iridescent blue-green body with red markings at their base. The males also show off black stripes along their sides, while the females only display traces of these stripes. Glowlight tetras are schooling fish, and they will thrive when kept in groups of at least six to seven individuals.

Glowlights got their name because of the glow they give off. They are a type of tetra and originate from South America, where they can be found in various rivers and streams. Their scientific name is Paracheirodon. A small schooling fish, glowlight tetras typically grow to about three inches (seven centimeters) long. They are omnivorous fish, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Because of their small size, glowlight tetras should be kept in a tank that is at least ten gallons (about 38 liters) per fish.

Paracheirodon axelrodi (Cardinal Tetra Fish)

They have an iridescent blue-green body with red markings at their base. This species is a schooling fish, and they can be found swimming together in the wild, however, if you cannot provide enough space for this many tetras, it’s better to keep them as single pets rather than risk their health by keeping them in overcrowded conditions.

Species profile

glowlight tetras

Glowlight Tetras are freshwater fish from the Characidae family, which is native to South America. They have been bred by aquarists for over 60 years now and they can be found in many aquarium stores as well as pet shops around the world today!

They are a popular and colorful addition to many community tanks and they do not require very high maintenance!

Glowlight Tetras can be purchased in groups of about four or five tetras, though it is recommended that there should be at least six. If you purchase just one Glowlight Tetra, then this would result in the fish being lonely and bored, which can lead to health problems.

Glowlight Tetras are extremely peaceful and they should be kept with other species of similar size that do not nip at their fins or scales!

Color and appearance

Glowlight Tetras are a shiny, iridescent blue-green color with red edging on their fins.

Due to the fact that they have been bred for over 60 years now by aquarium enthusiasts and fish breeders, there is a wide range of different colors available today!

The most common Glowlight Tetra has an iridescent blue body with red fins, but other color variations include orange or yellow.

Range and natural habitat

The natural habitats for Glowlight Tetras are the Uruguay River basin in South America. The water there is very soft and acidic, but it can adapt to just about any other conditions given time!

Glowlight Tetras are found in the main river basins of South America, including coastal streams and tributaries.

They prefer slow-moving or still water with low oxygen levels (like blackwater rivers) where they prey on insects like small worms and larvae that live in rotting vegetation.

Aquarium specimens can be kept successfully with other small tetras like the Black Neon Tetra or the Cardinal Tetra.


Glowlight Tetras can grow up to about two inches in length but tend to stay smaller at around an inch long when kept as pets.

Due to their small size, Glowlight Tetras are a great fish for beginners and children!

Tank size

Glowlight Tetras are one of the best freshwater tropical fish for beginners! They have a very small adult size, so they fit into most aquarium setups with ease.

The recommended minimum tank size is ten gallons and you should provide them with plenty of driftwood, plants like java ferns or anubias nana, and rock caves to swim through.

Glowlight Tetras prefer slow-moving water, so the ideal aquarium filter has a small output such as an internal or sponge filter. You should also make sure that there is not too much turbulence in your tank because this can stress out your fish!

The recommended pH levels for keeping Glowlight Tetras are between pH levels of six and seven. The water temperature should be kept at about seventy degrees Fahrenheit for optimal health.

Life cycle

Glowlight Tetras are annual fish and they will go through a natural life cycle where the females produce eggs every year after reaching sexual maturity.

The female Glowlight Tetra can lay up to two hundred small, adhesive eggs which stick to solid objects like rocks or driftwood in your aquarium!

Once the female lays her eggs, she should be removed from the aquarium so that she does not eat them.

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The eggs will hatch in about forty-eight hours and become fry, but they are very small and require a fine grade of infusoria or finely ground flake food to survive!

Glowlight Tetra fry should start eating within twenty-four hours after hatching, but their diet should be supplemented until they are large enough to eat newly hatched brine shrimp.

The fry can also feed on powdered flake food, micro-worms, and daphnia once they reach about one centimeter in length (two weeks after hatching).

Within six months, the Glowlight Tetras will have reached sexual maturity and they will start to breed, producing eggs all over again!

Are they aggressive or peaceful?

Glowlight Tetras are very peaceful fish and should be kept with other small tetra species like the Black Neon Tetra or Cardinal Tetra.

They can become territorial if their numbers become too large in the aquarium, so only keep one species of Glowlight Tetra together!

They prefer to swim in the middle and top regions of your aquarium, so make sure you provide them with plenty of hiding places like rock caves or driftwood.

Glowlight Tetra Care

glowlight tetras

Glowlight Tetras are one of the easiest freshwater tropical fish to care for and they do not require any special aquarium lighting! All you need is a basic aquarium set up with water, an air pump, and a heater.

They are very adaptable to many different types of habitats as long as the temperature is not too hot or cold, they can survive in both tropical and temperate regions depending on the season. Thus, making them perfect for beginners since they are not as sensitive to water conditions as other species of tropical fish.

What they eat

Glowlight Tetras are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant matter and meat. They should be fed high-quality tropical fish flake food as their main staple diet, but they can also have bloodworms or brine shrimp once in a while to give them treats!

They enjoy eating live plants so you may want to avoid having any in the tank, but if you do decide to include some in your aquarium, make sure they are hardy enough that they will not be eaten.

You can also feed them small pieces of fresh vegetables if you want, just take care when doing so since their spines might prick your fingers!

Tank mates

Glowlight Tetras can be kept with many types of tank mates including other tetra species, most common community fish like corydoras catfish but avoid keeping them in tanks with large or aggressive fish since they might see the tetras as food!

They are known for getting along well with other small fish like neon tetras and cardinals. They can also be kept with larger shoaling fish like Silver Dollars or Angelfish without any problems.

The only real threat to Glowlight Tetras are larger predatory fish that enjoy eating smaller fish and shrimp, so just be sure to keep a close eye on your pet.

Glowlight Tetras can also live together with other small characins like cardinals or rummy nose tetra but they will need at least 20 gallons of water per species you want to add, which is especially important if keeping them in schools.

If you want to keep them with any type of fish, be sure to do your research beforehand and make sure they are compatible.

Water conditions

Glowlight Tetras are very easy to care for since they do not require any special water conditions, but you will still need to make sure that the pH and temperature of your tank are appropriate.

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The ideal water should be soft or slightly acidic with a neutral – basic (pH-wise). Just like most tropical fish, they are tolerant of a wide range of water conditions but they will not thrive if the pH level is too low or high.

The ideal temperature should be between 72-82°F (22-28°C) since any higher might stress them out and cause diseases while lower than that could lead to illness as well. Glowlight Tetras are freshwater fish so you will not need to worry about having any salt in the tank.

You can also add some aquarium salt if needed but it is up to your discretion since too much of it might be harmful and most tetra species do not require this type of treatment.

Just make sure that you check all water parameters before adding any new fish to the aquarium and research all types of water treatments if needed.

The most important thing is that you regularly test your tank’s pH level, temperature, and ammonia/nitrite levels, so make sure to check it at least twice a month or weekly depending on how many pets you have in the tank!


glowlight tetras

Glowlight Tetras are very easy to breed in a community tank, but if you want to have more control over the process, then it is best that you separate them into their own tanks.

They can also be bred together with other small characins like cardinals or rummy nose tetra but they will need at least 20 gallons of water per species you want to add, which is especially important if keeping them in schools.

The process of breeding Glowlight Tetras is very similar to that of other tetra fish and it all starts with a dark period where the tank should be deprived of any light sources so the temperature needs to drop down below 70°F (21°C).

The parents should be fed plenty of live food like bloodworms or brine shrimp to give them extra energy and speed up the process. The female will release her eggs around the plants, decorations, or even on the substrate, so just make sure that you leave some leafy vegetation for this type of spawning.

The male will then fertilize the eggs and a couple of days later, you will notice that they have become free-swimming fry.

Take care when feeding them since their spines might prick your fingers! You can feed them infusoria initially, then switch to baby brine shrimp. They eat just about anything but it is advisable not to overfeed them so adjust the portions accordingly.

The young fish will be ready to eat after a few weeks and you might notice that they have already started showing the distinctive golden-yellow glow from their bellies! If kept in schools, it is best if you feed them a couple of times a day but just make sure not to overfeed your pets since doing so can affect their growth.

If you want to keep them with any type of fish, be sure to do your research beforehand and make sure they are compatible.


Glowlight Tetras have a lifespan of around five years when taken care of properly, but it is best to research all types of diseases and illnesses before you add them to your tank.

The most common problems with this type of fish are internal bacterial infections which can be treated if caught early enough. Unfortunately, the mortality rate for Glowlight Tetras is pretty high since they are very sensitive to changes in the environment, so make sure to always keep an eye on them and do not expose their tank to any type of sudden temperature change.

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Their long, thin bodies might also become a problem for bigger fish who can try and eat your pets! This is less likely with adults but during the first couple of days, it might be necessary to separate them from larger tank mates.

Parasites and diseases

Glowlight Tetras are usually very healthy pets, but they can sometimes get affected by various parasites and diseases if not taken care of properly.

Some of the most common problems with them are Ichthyophthirius or ‘Ick’ which is a parasitic disease that will be visible on their bodies as small white spots, along with red sores. At first, the affected fish will start losing their scales and you will be able to spot them very easily since they are usually of a lighter color than the rest of the body.

It is almost impossible for an untrained eye to notice that your pet has an ick so make sure to always read up on all types of parasites before adding any new fish in your tank.

Another common disease is Dropsy, which will usually affect the internal organs of the fish and make their bellies swell up until it explodes! This type of bacterial infection can be treated but if not caught early enough, it might lead to death.

If you are keeping Glowlight Tetras with any other species, they might also get affected by Neon Tetra disease which affects the nervous system of fish and causes them to swim in a strange way. Make sure to do your research before buying any type of pet so you know how to take care of it properly!

There are many other diseases that affect this particular species but if treated early enough, they can be avoided. Make sure that your fish have all the necessary requirements for them to live healthy and happy lives!


Glowlight Tetras have a thick layer of scales that protect them from most types of predators but if you want to keep your pets safe, make sure there are no other fish in the tank who might try and eat them!

Other common problems include accidents when they bump against sharp objects or even their own spines which can become stuck on plants, rocks, or even your hands. Always make sure to keep an eye on them and if something happens, remove the spine carefully since it can be very sharp!

Does it make good pets?

Glowlight Tetras are a very good choice if you want to keep fish in your home since they can adapt well to most environmental conditions and even live with other species.


Glowlight Tetras are a great choice when you want to add fish to your tank since they can live with other species and have a very interesting glance.

They will usually come in the color red but if they do not, make sure to feed them food rich in carotenes so they get their beautiful shine back! They are usually very hardy pets but you should always be careful when adding them to your tank.